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The heron moves in slow motion
testing each step
toes touching the ground

And then pauses
freezes in both time and space
becomes grey stone
still, silent, statuesque
yellow eyes focus
patient yet intent
the neck coils back
ready to strike

Myself, the cyclists,
the joggers, the dogwalkers
people out for an evening stroll,
ducks, swans, midges, bats
the wind in the trees,
the faint few drops of rain ...
The world shrinks
to a slight movement in the water
all that is important
a small, dark, shape

The moment comes
Refraction, angle, trajectory
calculated instinctively, instantly
And a spit second, spear thrust
Reduces the fish
To ripples
spreading out slowly
from the point were it

fading to nothing
Hello anyone looking at this page, I'm sorry but I am pretty inactive, I am very busy with university work and hardly draw anymore and even if I do it is in traditional media and I don't have a camera or a scanner to upload anything. Sorry. 
This is on my mind this morning so I thought I'd write something quick about it. I don't think many people read these but I like writing so yeah...
When you see a video or hear a news story or something in which someone has done something bad you can be pretty much guaranteed that if there is a comments section someone will have said something along the lines of "I hate humanity" or "humans are horrible" etc etc. Now to me such comments are ridiculously absurd. How can you generalise the entire human race on the action of a few, just because some people are bad isn't it a HUGE 'leap of faith' to conclude the entire human race is bad? I don't like mustard, but that doesn't mean I automatically assume no one else likes mustard either. 
In North Korea if a person commits a crime not only are they jailed but often their children and also their grandchildren. I'm sure most people will read that and think something along the lines of 'what the hell? Why are they punishing people for crimes they didn't commit, that makes no sense (and is a breach of human-rights)" but yet maybe the same person reads about the crime committed and because of it judges humanity to be bad... how is that different? The latter is maybe worse as it is far more generalised, judging an entire species on the actions of one rather than just his/ her immediate family. The former of course can be acted upon which means it is maybe more of an issue that needs direct attention. But I think our hatred of humanity needs attention too, how can we be expected to care about each other, how can we be expected to work together as a species, how can we be expected to act morally to each other, to help each other when deep inside we instinctively hate our own species (and therefore I suppose we also hate ourselves). I don't see how this can work, this way of thinking is a poison. 
Humanity is made of a collection of individuals and those individuals should be judged... individually... by their own actions and their own merits and that is all.
I'm willing to bet that the majority of people are good people leading moral lives, the bad people make the news because they are in the minority. And while as a species we have done some bad things (war for example, though most animals fight to some extent) we also have our good side, for example we care far more about others than any other animal does, to the extent that we go out of our way to help complete strangers, or people we'll never meet or even protect members of other species. Honestly what other animal does that? 
I'm not saying anything here about what the human race is doing to the planet/ nature as that in my mind deserves a topic of it's own, I have maybe quite controversial views about extinction and our place in the scheme of life, so perhaps another day, right now I must get on with work. 


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Laura Garnham
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Hope you enjoy looking in my gallery :)

Digital and traditional animal artwork

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Beauty4Beast Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2014
your head is in the sand
Tianithen Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
No it isn't, you have yet to provide evidence for either altruistic interactions between non-human animals of different species or for your idea that people suffer more from disease or genetic disorders now, and by evidence I mean scientific evidence. I want to see peer reviewed papers that you think support your claim, not telling me to look on YouTube or trying to get me to buy a book. Being skeptical is not the same as having my head in the sand. 
Beauty4Beast Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2014
There are many times animals have helped other species.
See lots of reports of human activity that is very admirable,
but if I had to judge humans on a individual basis, they all 
come out as needing to be culled. Not a good trait on my part:( (Sad) 

Tianithen Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
So you think all individuals should be culled? I'd say that's rather mean to say the least - you have no one you care about? sad.
Feeling that way is certainly not a good trait to have, but that is a bad thing about you, not a bad thing about the human race 
Please provide an example of a time when a non-human animal has helped another non human animal of another species (and in a way that can be counted as altruistic, ie the helper is not just 'helping' in order to gain something for themselves)
Beauty4Beast Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2014
just look on youtube, there are hundreds of altruistic animals :) (Smile)  You might say it is just hormones etc. and you may well be
right, but that applies to humans as we are part of the animal kingdom.
I do care about several humans but do see  infantilism coming in very strongly which is indicative of species 
coming to the end of its useful life. Maybe mother nature will be kind and cull us like we cull over populations of
other animals to make them healthy (e.g. foxes)
You are right, I am a very sad person:( (Sad), I am also quite old and in my life-time have seen a speeding up of change
in disease and genetic disorders and it scares the s--t  out of me 
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